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The story of Ali and Kevin truly begins over a sushi platter in Center City Philadelphia, after bumping into a few mutual friends at the University of the Arts. Ali was a freshman jazz vocal major and Kevin was a sophomore music-business major.
It wasn't until about two years later when the two became a couple. The time was roughly only a week before Kevin was to graduate college. He walked into the university library, returning books he'd pretended to read, and there was Ali, working on a final paper at one of the library tables. What ensued was two people, talking and laughing nonstop at volumes probably less than ideal for a library.
After a first date for ice cream, a Seinfeld marathon, graduations, a global pandemic, three apartments, dozens of concerts, perfect times and not-so-perfect times, Ali and Kevin's unique silliness and love for each other continues shining through. The two have been completely inseparable from day one, and have never stopped talking and laughing ever since.


Kevin began the hunt for the perfect ring in April 2021. Hiding behind late work nights, car trouble and family visits, he was free to search without any suspicion from Ali. In fact - she had no idea.


Kevin found the perfect ring at Armando Rey jewelers in South Philadelphia. With plans of proposing in the fall, the idea was quickly scrapped when he just couldn't hold on to the ring for more than three days.


Ali and Kevin took a for-no-reason weekend in Cold Spring, New York, where Ali had spent many childhood summers attending Surprise Lake Camp. There, she spent years cultivating some of her fondest memories. Little did Ali know, there would be much more to remember.


Ali and Kevin went on a hike during some of the best weather one could ask for. When they reached the peak overlooking a cliff, they shared a hug, and Kevin asked the most important question of his life. After a long two minutes of shocked silence, Ali said yes, and the rest is history.


"I woke up this morning in a silly mood because I was thinking about how much I love to make you laugh. And I decided I want that for the rest of my life. So, I have something to ask you. Ali, will you marry me?" -Kevin

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